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Know your Motherboard

Not all of us are that knowledgeable about computers, only how to use one but maybe we should try and learn a little as it could save us money in the long term. For example, if you use your PC for gaming and anew game comes out which needs your PC to have added or upgraded components to play, if we know nothing about PCS we may consider buying a new PC as other games, introduced later, will probably need those upgrades anyway. If though we knew a little about PCS, motherboards in particular, we would know that we may only need to buy a new motherboard but often we don’t even need to do that.

The motherboard is the circuit board in a PC which all other components connect to and it is the capability of that motherboard, not the PC that determines whether upgrades are needed or not. Basically although a new game may need something new, something you do not have, often it is case of upgrading one component only and if the motherboard has an appropriate vacant connection, it just needs to be placed on the motherboard and away you go.

More details can be found about motherboards and how to upgrade your PCs at the Mother Board Talk website but essentially, before you buy anything, check out the potential of your current motherboard. As the power supply connects to the motherboard, all the other components can receive power through their connections to it. It is the motherboard which houses the processor and a wide array of connections suitable for all the different component parts that make up the PC. Even peripheral components such as printers and internet connections, connect via the motherboard which co-ordinates data and places it on the hard drive.

The motherboard will have slots for memory cards and most will have more than one although only one may be in use when you buy the PC. This means that you can increase your PCs memory by adding an additional card or changing the existing one for one with more memory. The same principle applies to audio cards and video cards and so the motherboard often has the potential to make you PC better than it currently is and without too much cost or inconvenience.

If we learn nothing more about PCs other than how the motherboard works and its potential, we can still possibly save money and make our current PC last far longer than we had originally thought. Of course though, when we do decide to buy a new PC, knowing about motherboards will also help then as we will know exactly what to look for; a PC with a motherboard that has the potential to add improved components when they are needed, which for gamers especially, can be fairly frequently. To assist gamers there are actually motherboards specifically designed for them with additional, appropriate connections for what they are most likely to need in order to keep playing the latest games.