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GoDaddy is perhaps one of the most popular places to obtain a domain name for a new website and has already provided more than 16 million customers with as many as 62 million domain names. Where ever you get your domain name it will probably cost you something and whilst GoDaddy’s prices are very reasonable already, a larger saving can be made if you are able to use one of Godaddy promo code or coupons that are often available. Choosing a good domain name for your site is very important as it is the thing which people will look for online.

Obviously if you are a business it would probably be better if your domain name indicated what business you were in. For instance if you are in the business of selling shoes, you may want to use as people will immediate see you are dealing with shoes. As there are though literally millions of domain names already on the internet, you may not be able to have your first choice as it may already have been taken but instead of you could consider something like or something similar.

As well as assisting people looking for shoes to find you a first time, having a relevant name may also help them find you again and again as hopefully they will be able to remember the name whenever they think of shoes. It is returning customers to websites that account for more than 50% of online sales and so having a catchy, easy name to remember can be beneficial financially and so that is why it may be best to take advantage of any assistance GoDaddy may offer you when choosing your name.

As your name is easy to remember, you will want it to be associated with a good website, a website that is not only relevant to what its name implies but is also associated with quality and interest. Although some people pay a website professional to design their website for them, an increasing number of people are starting to design their own websites with the assistance of website development software such as WordPress.

More than 60% of the websites online today are thought to have been created using software similar to WordPress and so that software has certainly been responsible for a huge increase in the number of sites there are online. Prior to this software being introduced, to create a website you would have first had to learn computer coding but this software takes care of all the coding for you, allowing you to create a website with no experience or knowledge of computers at all. Although a website’s domain name can play a large role in making people find your site in the first place, it is the quality of that site which will determine if they become customers instead of just potential customers and so even if you design the site yourself, you must take time and ensure that it is of good quality and design.