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How to Start a Blog

There are a lot of people that would like to start their own blog but don’t because they think that it is something which is hard to do. These people though are mistaken as today, with the tools available to help you, almost anyone can easily start their own blog in just a matter of minutes. Of course though, most would still need advice but there are many different How to Start a Blog 101 sites on the internet that can help them.

WordPress has become perhaps the most popular tool that is used by people creating their own websites and is responsible for over 6 million websites currently on the net with that number growing daily. WordPress basically codes your regular text into a code the computer can understand, allowing you to just type in your instructions and wordpress codes it into computer language.

That is how you actually make the website, by using wordpress or something similar but first you will have to find a name for your site. Each of the millions of websites already on the internet have their own unique names which are known as domain names which means, your first choice for a name may already be taken but you should soon be able to find a suitable one which hasn’t already been used.

The next thing that you will need to do is find someone to host your website, which will allow it to appear on the internet. The domain name may cost a couple of dollars and the host will also charge you but will offer you several options, ranging from one month’s hosting to several years of hosting. The longer term hosting may be cheaper in the long term but unless you are certain that your website will be successful, it may be better to start with a short term contract as you can always increase the contract’s length at another time.

So you have a name for your website and you have someone to host it and so now all you need is to create the site with the help of wordpress. Hopefully you will have been able to choose a catchy domain name which may help you get more visitors but you will want those visitors to immediately be impressed with your site and so you will want it to immediately be eye catching. A good design for your website is therefore essential but in order to keep those visitors interested you should ensure that the content on the site is itself interesting.

A large percentage of visitors to websites are return visitors, returning to websites that they found interesting or amusing. To ensure that any visitors that your website receives keep returning for more visits, you should keep the site updated, adding new content on a regular basis and perhaps amending existing content to make it more up to date, maintaining its interest value. If you hope to make money from your website, obviously the visits it receives, the more money you are likely to make.

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